Vida; Health Coaching App

When you are working towards a health related goal, having someone to hold you accountable and keep you motivated can go a long way towards your success. Small, daily reminders work better for many people than once weekly check ins. Daily accountability and inspiration is what you get when you sign up for an account with Vida, an app that matches you with a health coach who is knowledgeable about your challenges and goals.


In my last review of the online fitness programs available to you, I discussed the positive and negative aspects of Daily Burn, an exercise and nutrition program featuring popular celebrity trainers such as Bob Harper. Daily Burn currently has a partnerships with Vida which allows its users to elect to incorporate the health coaching available through the app in order to provide more of a push towards success. Although I didn’t enjoy using the Daily Burn exercise program, in my review I noted that it might be a great pick for beginner exercisers wanting an effective at home program. Read that review here if you missed it!


Although I did not enjoy my 30 day free trial of Daily Burn, I did enjoy using the Vida app and receiving support from JoAnn, the health coach assigned to me. Every day for thirty days, JoAnn sent messages of support and encouragement. She provided several helpful links to health gluten free recipes and Youtube exercise videos to try. She sent motivational fitness images and quotes and inquired about my progress towards my goals.

Motivation can make the difference between staying on the couch or getting up and moving!
Motivation can make the difference between staying on the couch or getting up and moving!

Her words of motivation and support encouraged me to stick to my nutrition and exercise plan. I utilized several of the videos she sent. I found that this level of daily support would be very helpful for anyone who needs a daily dose of generic extrinsic motivation and a little push towards achieving their New Year’s resolutions.


However, if you really need personalized and focused health coaching, working with a health coach on an individual basis would be more effective. This is because each of the coaches available on Vida works with more than one hundred clients at a time. As a health coach, I know that face to face or even online coaches who provide detailed planning and support for their clients rarely work with more than twenty-five clients at a time because of the time necessary for planning, preparation, and and accountability required by each client.

Choosing what to eat is just one of many things health coaches can help you with!
Choosing what to eat is just one of many things health coaches can help you with!

I enthusiastically recommend Vida to people looking for some extra accountability and support for sticking to their health related goals at an affordable price of 50 dollars per month. For people requiring more extensive and individual attention, an individual coach may be a better choice than an app based coach. Those needed personalized support and more extensive planning assistance would benefit from an in office or online program with a coach focused on much fewer clients than the Vida app coaches.


In my opinion, working with a Vida coach is like purchasing the store brand of your favorite packaged food (think… Kraft mac n cheese). It tastes good and it will save you money, but it is not the real thing. However for many people and in some seasons of life, most of us would do just fine with a store brand level of support and cheerleading in our pocket.



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