Beat Back the Winter Blues in 10 Minutes or Less

The shortest, darkest days of the year are coming soon. In Central Europe, December, January, and February are characterized by weeks with no sunlight, mists of grey fogs, and a complete lack of light after 3:30pm. No matter where you live, the winter months can make it hard to keep your mind and your body in top shape. Amidst this gloomy weather, it’s more important than ever to keep your level of motivation high.

As a personal trainer, one of my very best strategies for keeping myself and my clients in shape is to change it up! Adding variety to your fitness routine is so essential to keeping your mind interested and your body guessing. Although I absolutely love my Les Mills on Demand and strength training sessions at the gym, I also love to use YouTube to keep my fitness routine fresh.

If you’re feeling unmotivated or starting to slack off this winter, here are some of my favorite 10 minutes or less YouTube videos you can press “play” on and boost your energy level to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Just click on the link & the video will pop right up!

Total Body Workouts:

  1. Little Black Dress Workout
  2. Full Body in 10 Workout
  3. Squat and Plank Workout

Cardio Focused Workouts:

  1. Tabata workout to Tone Everything in 10
  2.  Full Body Fat Burning Workout
  3.  Express Calorie Blaster


Yoga/ Stretching Workouts:

  1.  Open Hips Routine
  2.  Yoga for Focus and Productivity
  3.  Beat the Belly Bloat with 10 minutes of yoga


Guided Meditation Videos:

  1. Meditation for Positive Energy
  2.  Loving Kindness Meditation
  3.  Guided Meditation for Being Present


Have you got 10 minutes?

Would you like to feel happier and healthier?

Do you need an energy boost?

No more excuses!

Sometimes 10 minutes is all of the time you need to change your mood from negative to positive, to regain some energy, and to push forward towards hitting your health and fitness goals. Let me know which one of these videos you enjoy in a comment below. 



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