4 Things I Love About Running

I recently posted on my travel planning blog about the 4 fabulous destination marathons I have run over the past 8 years. Here, I’d like to share what I think is so great about running!

And issue a challenge… are you up for it? Let’s get started…

Things I Love About Running:

1.) Time to Think… without distractions. Sometimes I need to give my brain space to think about tough decisions or evaluate my next step. Running is by far the best way I know to unplug from all of the distractions in my house (phone, tablet, emails, other people). When I want to think, I’ll turn on a playlist that I know all the words to and just start running, so I can focus on the thoughts in my head. Sometimes I will even run without music to sort through my thoughts. Who said running can’t be a form of meditation?!

2.) The Physical Challenge… feeling like you want to quit BUT not quitting. What I love about long distance runs is that feeling when I push past the pain and keep on going even when I feel like quitting. The endurance and perseverance you learn while running transfers over into every aspect of your life. Running trains your mind and body not to give up no matter what obstacles you are facing, no matter what obstacles are in your way. Runners don’t give up.

run girl

3.) Spending time outdoors… we all spend way too much time cooped up indoors looking at screens and sitting under fluorescent light bulbs. Running gets me outdoors for a healthy dose of vitamin D from the sun and fresh air. There’s other ways to get outdoors of course, but running is one of my favorites.

4.) The community of other runners… this is possibly one of the best benefits which all runners enjoy! No matter how old you are or where you live, there’s a huge community of other runners in your town and worldwide who are cheering for you! You can feel this energy during races, when runners shout out encouragement to each other. You can find support online on many running websites and in person during a weekly running group.

So here’s my challenge…

if you’ve never run a 5k, I challenge you to run one in 2017!

I have trained several clients to successfully run in their first 5k… the secret to success is always the same (no matter what race distance you choose) … CONSISTENCY! To run your first 5k, you must commit to running consistently for several months before to develop the endurance and stamina you will need to cross the finish line. You can’t take a day off because you aren’t in the mood to run or because it’s raining… You gotta stick to your plan!

If you’re looking for some awesome “couch to 5k” style training plans, check out


Or, even better… download the scheduled training app to your phone or tablet!


If you want to be connected with a group of other like-minded fitness enthusiasts, join my Facebook group – Taylor’s Training Tidbits!

And let me hear your thoughts! What do you love most about running?

Leave your answer in a comment below.


4 thoughts on “4 Things I Love About Running

  1. What a wonderful post! Running is such a funny sport, during my hardest runs I tell myself I’m never running again and the voice in my head keeps questioning why I put myself through this… then as soon has I’m done, I can’t wait to run again. Definitely agree with the community as well, I’m just beginning to find the online running community and am loving all the tips and support 🙂

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