Freni e Frizoni

Near the ponte sisto in Trastevere, Freni e Frizoni is a staple for students, locals, and even tourists in the know because of its convenient location. Every evening, hundreds of young people pass through the bar ordering cocktails and loading plastic plates full of hummus, grilled veggies, chickpeas, lentils, beets, and cinnamon apple slices. Since … More Freni e Frizoni

Settimio al Pantheon

Settimio al Pantheon is the perfect place for tourists visiting Rome looking for a delicious lunch or dinner for reasonable prices right around the corner from the Pantheon. The place is very difficult to find going from only the street address though, so be warned if you are not traveling with a gps you may … More Settimio al Pantheon

Galleria Colonna

The massive Palazzo Colonna, built in a series of additions throughout the 15th century up until 1730, houses the impressive Galleria Colonna, the Colonna family’s private art collection. Descendents of the family still live in the palazzo, so it is only open on Saturday mornings for public viewings. In 1654 – 1655, Cardinal Girolamo Colonna … More Galleria Colonna